CO8WP Process Totalisor

The CO8WP Powered Process Totaliser is a 85 to 240VAC or 10-40VDC powered microprocessor based totaliser that incorporates an eight (8) digit 25mm digit height light emitting diode (LED) display in a weatherproof surface mount enclosure. The instrument can be configured to count up/down, elapsed time, time of day clock, events or totalise flow with programmable K factor. It accepts a pulse input from a dry contact closure, proximity switch, photo-electric switch, and open collector transistor or 24VDC source. The count value is maintained during loss of power for a minimum period of ten years in eeprom.

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  • Memory retention in power down for 10 years
  • surface mount IP65 weatherproof enclosure
  • Applications include count up/down totaliser and time date display
  • 85 or 240VAC 47-63 Hz supply or factory fitted 10 to 36dc supply
  • Low cost – High performance
  • Screw terminal electrical connection
  • Count up and down
  • Real time clock for time and date
  • High contrast LED display of 8 digit 25mm digit height
  • Surface mounting IP65 weatherproof enclosure
  • 5 to 22VDC adjustable loop supply
  • Touch switch programming of display intensity, decimal point and K factor

The CO8WP Powered Process Totaliser is an advanced instrument that has been designed to accept pulses from dry relay contacts, open collector flow meters, photo electric switches and 5 to 24VDC source. The input measurement is shown on a high contrast 8 digit LED display.


Input Details
  • The instrument accepts an input from 0 to 2KHZ and is dip switch selectable for open collector, reed, Hall, Namur and turbine signals (from 20mV peak to peak).
Input Type sw1 sw2 sw3 sw4 Sw5 sw6 sw7 sw8
A CMOS Logic Level Off Off Off Off On Off Off off
B Open collector or reed switch Off Off Off Off On Off On off
C Namur proximity [loop supply 8VDC] Off Off On On On Off Off off
D Reed switch with debounce Off Off Off Off On Off On On
E Coil 50mV PP minimum Off On Off Off Off Off Off off
F Low impedance coil 50mV PP min. On On Off Off Off Off Off off
Output Details
  • An output relay is provided with form C contacts rated at 5 amps 240VAC resistive.
  • Eight (8) digit 25mm digit height high contrast light emitting diode (LED) with a wide viewing angle and a viewing distance of 7.5 metres.
Count Integrity
  • Contact bounce elimination circuitry enable error free counting even in the most difficult application. The count value is stored in eeprom.
  • By connecting a normally open push button between terminals 1 and 6.
Environmental Parameters
  • 0-70 degrees Celsius.
  • 0-90% rh non-condensing.
Connection Details
Terminal 1:Input Common (-) Terminal 9: not used
Terminal 2:Input 1 minus (-) Count up Terminal 10:Relay one normally open contact
Terminal 3:Input 1 plus (+) Count up Terminal 11:Relay one  normally closed contact
Terminal 4: Input 2 minus (-) Count down Terminal 12:Relay one common contact
Terminal 5: Input 2 plus (+)Count down Terminal 13:not used
Terminal 6: 5 to 20VDC sensor supply Terminal 14:85 to 265VAC/24VDC active supply:
Terminal 7:Reset Terminal 15: VAC neutral or 0VDC supply (-)
Terminal 8: Open collector pulse output per litre Terminal 16:Ground supply
Instrument Power supply
  • 85 to 240VAC 47-63 Hz or factory fitted DC to DC converter isolator from 12 to 40VDC.
Transducer Power Supply
  • There is a 5 to 22VDC at 30mA adjustable power supply is incorporated in the instrument.
  • 400grams.
Mounting Details
  • Surface mounting weatherproof enclosure of case dimensions 230mm wide by 140mm high by 95mm deep with fixing centres of 212mm wide by 122mm high.
Ordering Information
  • Model/input signal/display units/power supply.