DIR4 Process Indicator

The DIR4 Powered Process Indicator is a 120/240VAC or 12-40VDC powered 4.5 digit process indicator supplied in an extruded aluminium panel mount enclosure with 4 set points which can switch 240VAC at one (1) ampere resistive with 99% dead band. The instrument is touch switch programmable from the front panel for input range and set point relay operation. A 24VDC at 30mA loop supply is available for the direct connection of 2 wire transmitters.

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  • Accepts all standard process signals
  • Digital instrument with touch switch programming of all functions – input range, filter, relay on and off point, high or low alarm, display intensity and decimal point position
  • Eeprom storage of programmable variables
  • Differential input
  • Low cost – High performance
  • 120 or 240VAC 47-63 Hz supply or factory fitted 12 to 40vdc isolated supply
  • 4.5 digit high brightness LED display of 25mm digit height
  • Decimal point programming
  • Four (4) set point relays with form C contacts
  • Panel mount enclosure of 72x144mm with sealed weatherproof front
  • Optional clear silicon boot to increase the weather proof rating to IP67
  • 24VDC loop supply for loop powered sensors and transmitters
  • Emc compliant (C tick)

The DIR4 Powered Process Indicator is an advanced instrument which has been designed and manufactured to stringent specifications which accept all the standard analogue process signals.

The DIR4 provides four (4) set point relays with 99% dead band. All the set point relays have changeover contacts and will switch one amp at 240VAC resistive. Screw terminal electrical connection by two part plug connectors allows simple connection and disconnection.


  • The instrument has a bipolar differential input. To realise the accuracy a temperature compensated band gap reference is used in the ratio-metric measurement system. Full scale ranges of 20 MV to 200VDC, 200uA to 2 Amps and 4-20mA are acceptable
  • CMRR greater than 86db
  • NMRR greater than 100db

DIR4: A 4.5 digit high contrast light emitting diode (LED) of 25mm digit height with a wide viewing angle and a reading rate of 4 per second. The display intensity is programmable from the front panel. The digits have a viewing distance of 10 metres.


DIR4: Four (4) position user programmable from the front panel.


DIR4: Four (4) switch point relays are provided with form C contacts rated at 240VAC one (1) ampere resistive.


120/240VAC 47-63 Hz or factory fitted DC converter isolator from 12 to 40VDC.


A 24VDC at 30mA transducer power supply is incorporated in the instrument.

  • 0-70 degrees Celsius
  • 0-90% rh NON condensing

DIR4: 450 grams


DIR4: Panel mounting aluminium enclosure of case dimensions 144mm wide by 72mm high by 85mm deep with a panel cut out of 138mm wide by 67mm high.

  • The part number is configured as
  • Model/input signal/display units/power supply
  • Sample number: DIR4/4-20mA/0-100.0/VAC
  • All units shipped factory calibrated to 0-100.0