VP100P Valve Positioner

The VP100P Valve Positioner is a 120/240VAC or 24VDC powered auto/manual electronic valve positioner which operates within the motor feedback circuit. It accepts an input of 4-20mA, feedback signal of 100 to 10,000 Ohms and generates 2 independent relay contacts (ramp up/ramp down) and drives a 2 digit LED display showing valve position in percent open. The instrument operates in auto mode where it tracks the input signal or in manual mode where the actuator can be driven to any desired position.

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  • Auto/manual control
  • Manual ramp up and ramp down
  • 120 or 240VAC 47-63 Hz or 18 to 36VDC
  • High contrast 9mm LED display
  • Low cost – High performance
  • Panel mount enclosure
  • Optional 4-20mA retransmission
  • Applications include the control of actuators in critical loops

The VP100 is an electronic motor positioner which operates within the motor feedback circuit. It accepts an input of 4-20mA and a motor position feedback signal from a three wire potentiometer generates 2 independent relay contact outputs and displays the motor or valve position in % (percent) open.

The VP100 incorporates auto/manual transfer by front push button. In manual mode, the user is able to drive the servo motor to any desired position with the ramp up or ramp down push button, ensuring the user always has control of the motorised valve or gate position in the event of loop failure.



The instrument accepts an input signal of 0-20mA or 4-20mA with 100 Ohms input impedance and a feedback signal of 100 to 10,000 Ohms from a three (3) wire potentiometer or 4-20mA current loop.


The instrument has two output relays for motor actuator control with a contact rating of 5 amps inductive at 240VAC with an RC filter for spark suppression.


Optional 4-20mA output into 500 Ohms


A three (3) digit high contrast light emitting diode (LED) with a digit height of 10mm, a wide viewing angle and a viewing distance of 5 metres.

  • 0-70 degrees Celsius
  • 0-90% rh non condensing
  • Panel mount instrument
  • Rear mount 12 way terminal strip

120/240VAC 47-63 HZ OR NOMINAL 24VDC (12 TO 36VDC).


400 grams


Panel mounting: Impact resistant panel mounting plastic enclosure of case dimensions 96mm wide by 48mm high by 148mm deep with a panel cut out of 93mm wide by 45mm high.

  • Model/input signal/display units/power supply
  • Sample number:
  • VP100/4-20mA/0-99/VAC/420RT
  • All units shipped factory calibrated to 0-100