LEDMLD84 Dual Marker Light

The LEDMLD84 is an 110VDC (55 to 154VDC) powered dual LED marker light which comprises 84 LEDs [light emitting diodes] as 42 red and 42 white) supplied in a surface mount enclosure with an IP65 weatherproof rating when installed.

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  • High intensity LED’s with a 15 degree view angle
  • Led failure detection
  • Every first led white with every second led red (other colours available)
  • Constant light
  • 110VDC supply (55 to 154VDC)
  • Low cost – High performance
  • Application is for marker light on railway rolling stock
  • Compliant to EN50155 (pending)

The LEDMLD84 marker light is an advanced instrument that have been designed and manufactured to stringent specifications.

The light includes led module, polycarbonate window and flying leads terminated in 3 way Wago connectors.



An array of 84 high contrast light emitting diodes (LED) with a light emission angle of 15 degrees for each LED arranged as 42 red and 42 white. This is to give a red and white marker light in the one enclosure. The led’s are arranged in 14 independent circuits so the loss of one led will not stop the light from functioning. The MTBF mean time between failures is 60,000 hours operation minimum.

  • -40 to 75 degrees Celsius
  • 0-90% RH non-condensing
  • Terminal 1: 55VDC to 154VDC active supply for the red LEDs
  • Terminal 2: 0VDC supply for the red LEDs
  • Terminal 3: Red led alarm relay common contact
  • Terminal 4: Red led alarm relay normally open contact
  • Terminal 5:Ground supply marked green/yellow
  • Terminal 6: white led alarm relay normally open contact
  • Terminal 7: white led alarm relay common open contac
  • Terminal 8: 0VDC supply for the white LEDs
  • Terminal 9: 55 to 154VDC active supply for the white LEDs
  • Wiring is accomplished using Huber & Suhner 4GKW-AX-1.5mm2
  • 55VDC to 154VDC. Other voltages on request
  • Current consumption is 120mA @ 110VDC
  • Inrush current of 200mA for 80 micro seconds. The current flowing through each LED is controlled by a closed loop feedback circuit. This ensures constant brightness independent of power supply voltage
  • The power supply to the light is protected by a power conditioning circuit which includes voltage spike removal to ensure compliancy with EN50121/EN50155.
  • Reverse polarity protection (reverse connection will not cause any damage).
  • Housing is metal spun 1.5mm aluminium bright clear anodised
  • Window is 2mm Makrolon polycarbonate
  • The light is sealed with Sika Firesil Marine N
  • All screws are 304 grade stainless steel
  • Cable entry gland is IP68

The light output has been set at 120 Candela for the red and white LEDs at one metre. (Measured in a test rig with our Nata tested light meter).

  • Two year back to base warranty
  • LEDMLD84 is 300grams

Panel mounting clear anodised aluminium enclosure of case dimensions 110mm diameter by 85mm deep.

  • The part number is configured as
  • Model/input signal/display units/power supply/options
  • Sample number for red/white marker light: LEDMLD/84/120/110VDC