Custom LED Module

Innovec Controls is a premier designer of custom LED safety lighting for railway rollingstock.

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Innovec implements high brightness LEDs with the following attributes:

  • Light emission angle of 15°
  • Available in red, white and more


All custom made enclosures are 3D printed with PLA or ABS material and are available in a range of colours depending on your application. Please the datasheet for more information.


Innovec supplies modules with the following:

  • Flying leads of a chosen length
  • Huber and Suhner 4GKWAX-1.5 cable
  • Optional pluggable connector

Power Supply

LED modules are available with internal DC supply. Typically, Innovec marker lights are built for 20-80VDC, although other voltages are supplied on request.

Modules are equipped with reverse polarity protection and internal brightness control, to prevent wiring and voltage errors.

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