IDA2 Dual Setpoint Alarm

The IDA2 Dual Alarm is an auxiliary powered instrument which accepts an analogue input of either mA or volts and generates 2 alarm set points with changeover contacts that can switch 240VAC at 5 amps resistive. There is a non isolated retransmission of the input signal and a loop supply for the direct connection of 2 wire transmitters. The trip points, dead band and analogue output are adjustable from the front panel. Each output relay has LED status indication on the front panel and can be set to operate as failsafe high (relay de-energises when input exceeds set point) or failsafe low (relay de-energises when set point exceeds input).

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  • 24VDC @ 30mA loop supply
  • Power supplies of 120/240VAC, 24VAC or 9 to 36VDC are available
  • Output relays have form C contacts switching 240Vac @ 5A into resistive loads
  • Relay configuration and LED status indication set by dip switch
  • Setpoint and deadband easily adjustable by 15 turn front panel potentiometers
  • Setpoint adjustable 0-100% of span
  • Deadband adjustable 0-99% of span
  • 0.1% linearity
  • 50Ω input impedance on current signals
  • 1mΩ input impedance on voltage signals
  • 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V analogue retransmission output available as standard
  • Ranges of inputs and outputs are available on request from 0-50mA to 0-200VDC
  • Din rail or gear plate mounting
  • Weight 300gms
  • Size; W: 55mm, H: 75mm, D: 110mm
  • Operating temperature range, -20°C to +85°C
  • Low cost, high performance solution


  • WP: weatherproof enclosure
  • 1SP: single alarm
  • Model number configured as: Model/input signal/display
  • units/power supply/options
  • Sample number: IDA2/4-20mA/S1S3/240VAC/WP