Zero Tolerance for Zero Interference

The Innovec Tube Light or LEDTL is a LED strip light available in lengths of 150mm, 350mm and customised. This safety light was designed to emit zero electrical and environmental interference as it’s mostly used in harsh environments with no tolerance for interference.

The LEDTL was originally created to be implemented in mines so that the workers could safely inspect the electrical contacts of the main isolator. These isolator contacts can become worn from general use and with enough damage the whole device can explode causing a range of problems to the power and safety of the mines. The tube light sits in a locked cabinet with one placed either side of a contact block for maximum illumination.

Competitor products utilise a switch mode power supply, where the power is turned on and off to achieve the correct voltage output  when the required voltage is not available. The LEDTL is static light, meaning that it has a constant voltage  and current flow without any extra processes that are found with a switch mode power supply. This allows the light to precisely illuminate the required space while emitting zero electromagnetic radiation of any kind.

Note: the LEDTL150 pictured above.


While we mainly supply our LED tube lights for these mining applications, the module is a suitable solution for any application that needs zero interference. Look to Innovec for quality solutions that work.


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