The VP100D was originally developed as, at the time, there was an opening in the market, taking note of this Innovec decided to develop a reliable system that was markedly less complicated than its competitors, and compact, contrasted by the clunky and bulky systems offered at the time.

These days, it is common for motors to be manufactured with an in-built controller, rendering this product less desirable as it once was. However, especially in some manufacturing industries and in electricity generation, there is a need to have a strong and accountable system that will not set back the process if a power failure occurs. For example, in the context of a critical loop, the VP100D is an analogue controller and is thus not affected by interference, this is especially important in electricity generation centres where a conventional valve positioner will lose its place and set back the entire process. Hence, due to the fact that it does not have a microcontroller, this instrument does not crumble under interference and lose functionality, aptly fulfilling the Innovec pledge to provide reliable and functional solutions that work.

The VP100D has been sold across the United States of America, as well as a whole range of countries in Eastern and South-eastern Asia, from Indonesia to Vietnam up to Taiwan.

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