What Is It?

A Microfactory is a non-traditional method of manufacturing that involves a small – medium scale production line. Although the microfactory concept is loosely defined and unstandardised it offers a range of benefits.

How Does It Work?

First suggested in the 90s by a Japanese engineer, the microfactory concept is an opposing alternative to the traditional factory setting that is perfect for small businesses. The method involves a smaller scale highly automated production allowing businesses the ability to diversify into a multitude of product ranges. By reducing the production scale a microfactory is able to be financially efficient as they require less resources such as materials, labour and real estate.

The traditional factory model involves the production of a certain product in large predetermined quantities with a series of spares for risk mitigation. Conversely, The microfactory model utilises  diversification to create a number of different products almost simultaneously.

How Does Innovec Utilise It?

At Innovec Controls we operate under a microfactory system as a small family business so that we can bring you reliable and affordable solutions. Using this system we are able to make a large number of different products and solutions without compromising quality.