The Most Popular Batch Controller

The IBL batch controller is Innovec’s most popular solution for batch processing applications. The instrument has been designed for the simplest user experience, while maintaining a highly optimised configuration. Some of these configurations include:

  • Setpoint range from 0.001 – 999.999
  • Dip switch selectable input for versatility
  • Adjustable sensor supply
  • And more

Our instruments are always built with numerous safeguards that prevent a range of issues such as overflow, underflow, over run and more. By pairing your Innovec batch controller with a flowmeter and solenoid, you are able to create a suitable and complete batching system that will work for your application. Silicon weatherproof boot is also available on request for panel mount enclosures for up to IP67 weather protection.

Note the IBL, batch controller pictured below.

Why Innovec?

At Innovec Controls we always design solutions for quality and end-user experience, so that you can be rest-assured that the job will always get done right. 

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