The 20 Year Old Marker Light Running Since 2000

The 20 Year Old Marker Light Running Since 2000

The Customer

Downer Rail is a Sydney based Australian business responsible for the manufacture and maintenance of railway rolling stock around the country. With a focus on providing safe and efficient solutions, Downer Rail has over 150 years of experience in the rail infrastructure industry to prove it.

Customer Challenge

After winning a contract in 1998 for the manufacture of the Sydney M (Millenium) Set fleet intended for debut alongside the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Downer required a marker light that could withstand its industrial environments while being bright enough to allow the driver to see when there is not a sufficient external light source.

Product Solution

Innovec representatives presented the LEDMLM to Downer officials as an alternative for the Sydney M Set fleet. The original marker light installed on the M Set was superseded by the Innovec alternative for its smaller size and higher efficiency.

Results Achieved

The Innovec LEDMLM allowed the M Set to be unburdened by darker environments, such as tunnels or the night sky with a higher efficiency. It was a smaller and more powerful solution provided at a competitive price.

Downer Rail was impressed and quickly began installing the LEDMLM on the required rolling stock, with a few cars presenting them in time for the Olympics. The LEDMLM proudly lit the way for over 18 years, with not one repair/replacement request between 2000 (when they were originally distributed) and 2019. This was the beginning of a legacy of reliability for Innovec Controls with still only few replacements required for the original Millenium Set marker lights.

LEDMLM – Millenium Marker Light

The LEDMLM is a 120VDC powered LED array marker light with 60 total LEDs (light emitting diode). It is supplied in a panel mount enclosure with an IP54 weatherproof rating intended for rail cars.

Key Features

  • High intensity LEDs with a 15o viewing angle
  • Constant light of 110 Lux
  • Available in red and white
  • Nominal 120 VDC (72-136 VDC)
  • LEDs arranged in 10 independent circuits
  • Low Cost – High Performance
  • Long lasting reliability