The LEDBT Has Landed

The LEDBT Has Landed

Customer Challenge

Manufacturers come to Innovec to seek higher quality LED lighting solutions that last. In this case they were looking to upgrade a brake/tail lights for tram applications.

Product Solution

Our development team has designed and 3D printed a compact marker light and housing also known as the LEDBT. This light has been designed with the combined brake and tail light creating a cost-effective yet high-end solution to the customers challenge. Another way that Innovec has reduced cost is by 3D printing these amazing housings out of polycarbonate so that you know you can trust the LEDBT to last.

Results Achieved

Considering the other exceptional marker lights that Innovec has on offer, such as the LEDMLD. A light with a reputation for holding up its own and lasting numerous years without failure, you can relax knowing the LEDBT will certainly be held to the same high standard.