The Exclusive Triple Marker Light

What is the LEDMLT?

The Innovec Controls LEDMLT is an exclusive LED marker light consisting of 102 high contrast LEDs, arranged in 3 concentric rings of red, white and green.  The module has Innovec standard failsafe of built-in independent circuits and runs on a nominal 24 to 80V DC supply with a minimum light output of 120 candela per colour. 

How does it work?

Designed for railway rolling stock applications, typically freight locomotives, its purpose is to advise by-standers of the vehicle in question to ensure their safety. The LEDMLT’s are installed on the front of the cabin for high-visibility, usually with one on either side above the driver’s position.

Note the LEDMLT, batch controller pictured below.


Why Innovec?

The LEDMLT is one of many exclusive and custom LED modules that Innovec has produced for railway rolling stock and more. 

At Innovec Controls we always design solutions for quality and end-user experience, so that you can be rest-assured that the job will always get done right. If you are interested in a custom LED safety light module of your own, please enquire here with your desired specifications and quantity for a free quote today.

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