The Automatic Warning System for Safer Locomotives

What is the LEDAWS?

The LEDAWS isolation indicator light, also known as the butterfly light, due to the shape of the LEDs (light emitting diodes) is an Innovec Controls custom module. The AWS or Automatic Warning System marker light is designed to be an audiovisual indicator of whether the signal on the track ahead is safe.

How does it work?

Originally found in the United Kingdom throughout the 1950s, the AWS procedures have since been implemented around the world, throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. This system worked by creating a signal for the driver where if they were to fail to respond the vehicle would initiate the emergency brakes. The AWS functioned more as a failsafe than an aid for the driver as the responsibilities of controlling the locomotive were not in any way relieved.

The LEDAWS utilises an array of 60 high intensity amber SMD (surface mount diode) LEDs arranged on 10 independent circuits. This built-in feature is one of many failsafe guards implemented by Innovec as part of our high quality standard across all lights and modules. The light module provides a minimum light output of 100 candela with the typical current consumption of 60mA @ 110VDC.

Note the LEDAWS, warning indicator pictured below.

Why Innovec?

The LEDAWS safety module is one of many high quality safety devices created by Innovec Controls with the user experience kept in mind. To learn more about the AWS module, please click here

If you are interested in a custom LED safety light module of your own, please enquire here with your desired specifications and quantity for a free quote today.

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