The 400+ Lux Adjustable Reading Light

The 400+ Lux Adjustable Reading Light

The Customer

Progress Rail (or Progress Rail Services Corporation) is an American based, world wide business in the infrastructure industry with a focus on locomotives. Running 23 sites across Australia, the Caterpillar subsidiary increasingly manufactures, maintains and repairs a number of Australian rolling stock vehicles and tracks.

Customer Challenge

Progress Rail was in need of an adjustable reading light intended to aid their locomotive drivers in the vehicle’s cabin. The following requirements were submitted:

  • Light output of 200+ lux to illuminate a timetable.
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Ability to withstand nominal interference of an industrial environment

Product Solution

After being supplied with the reliable Marker Light, Progress Rail contacted Innovec for a new product deemed the LEDRLE. This reading light was built to the stringent specifications and requirements of the appropriate industry standards and the client respectively.

Results Achieved

The LEDRLE has a spring loaded eyeball allowing the user to easily alter the direction of the light without compromising tension. The constant tension of the eyeball allows the device to retain its user-set position despite interference commonly found in industrial environments, such as vibrations created by a moving locomotive.

LEDRLE – Reading Light

The LEDRLE – READING LIGHT is a 24VDC/AC powered LED ARRAY (1 LED [light emitting diode]) INDICATING light supplied in a panel mount enclosure with an IP54 weatherproof rating.

Key Features

  • High intensity LED with a 15 degree viewing angle
  • User adjustable light direction
  • Eyeball is tensioned in place by rear mounted springs
  • Available in white
  • Constant brightness unaffected by voltage variance
  • Nominal 24VDC – 24VAC [18-36V]
  • Low cost – High performance
  • Application is intended for rail and tram rolling stock

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