The 2000+ lux LED Aiding Bendigo Railway: An Application Note

The 2000+ lux LED Aiding Bendigo Railway: An Application Note

The Customer

Located in Victoria, the Bendigo Railway Workshop has been in service for over 100 years, which during that time has led to a range of projects. The Bendigo workshop now operates under SSR (Southern Shorthaul Railroad), completing a range of maintenance and recovery services.

Customer Challenge

A railway coupling/coupler is used to connect railway rolling stock, such as the carriages of trains. In a dark environment without a sufficient light source over the coupling equipment, a safety issue is presented and therefore a need for safety equipment.

Product Solution

After getting to know Innovec’s high quality products through the LEDMLD – Dual Marker Light, Bendigo Railway enquired about a coupler light for their rolling stock.

The Innovec LEDCL – Coupler Light was designed with the safety of the railway staff and railway patrons in mind. With a 2000+ lux output and an IP66 rated weatherproof housing, the LEDCL was able to adequately lighten the coupler links and create a safer environment for the railway staff.

Results Achieved

The strong light output, paired with the reliability of Innovec products, left the LEDCL as the best solution for Bendigo Railway’s safety problem.

LEDCL – Coupler Light

The LEDCL is a 12-36VDC or 55-140VDC powered LED COUPLER LIGHT supplied in a surface mounting enclosure made from Random co-polymer Polypropylene with 1% UV Stabiliser making it a suitable housing for outdoor use, with an IP66 weatherproof rating intended for the illumination of coupler equipment on rail cars and locomotives.

Key Features

  • Low cost – High performance
  • High power 3 watt LEDs with a 15 degree view angle
  • Light output of 2000+ lux
  • Available in red, green, blue or white
  • Constant light
  • Nominal 24 [18-30VDC] or 120 [50 to 140VDC]
  • Applications include illumination of the coupler equipment on rail vehicles
LEDCL - Product

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