Innovec’s Strongest Connectors & the LED HMI System

The LED HMI System

The Innovec HMI LED Light System is a LED lighting strip with adjustable brightness. The system is intended for railway rolling stock applications and includes a control box, light strip, switch and power supply cable. Due to the nature of the application it has been designed to strict specifications with a strong focus on safety and a long lifespan.

The Connectors

The controller box includes a black powder coated industrial strength alloy housing with 3 military grade (MIL-C-5015) connectors. These connectors have a secure shell and cable clamp for advanced EMI shielding and weather resistance. They  offer the following features to enhance the module:

  • Copper alloy contacts for higher current capacity
  • Premium aluminium alloy with corrosion resistant treatment
  • Premium synthetic rubber for electrical and mechanical insulation
  • Backshell with cable clamp that allows maximum strain relief

At Innovec controls we always use high quality materials and equipment to ensure you can get the best solution for your application. But don’t just take our word for it, read below for the range of approvals and standards the INN-LED-HMI as been tested against

  • Cold Temperature AS60068.2.3-2003
  • Dry Temperature AS60068.2.2-2003
  • Humidity AS60068.2.78-2003
  • Altitude AS60068.2.13-2003
  • Random vibration IEC61373-2010
  • Shock IEC61373-2010
  • Dust AS60529-2004, XP2
  • Rain AS60529-2004, IP5X
  • Salt/Fog AS60068.2.11-2003


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