Innovec Is Now Shipping The IPT

Innovec Controls IPT

Innovec Is Now Shipping The IPT

The IPT Powered Printing Totaliser is a programmable instrument which has a dip switch and selectable input for CMOS logic, open collector transistor, reed switch, Hall affect and turbine meter. The input measurement is shown on a high contrast LED (one line of eight alphanumeric digits) and printed out on a 40 character printer. The instrument incorporates field programmable totalising factors and a 24VDC isolated supply for powering remote sensors. The IPT is supplied in a panel mount 144 x 144 mm enclosure.

The conventional system is to have two separate systems, a totalisor and a printing unit to work in unison. However, Innovec is the only manufacturer on the market that integrates both systems into one compact and reliable system. Thus the Innovec Printing Totalisor vastly overshadows its competitors for its affordability and also its spatial requirements are much less, as one unit. Furthermore, the IPT outshines other models for its facile interface and simplistic yet effective process.

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