As we arrived in Houston, it was heating up rapidly; it seemed to be a stark contrast to the news reports only weeks prior which showed what seemed to be the entirety of Downtown Houston underwater due to flooding in the area. However, we landed in the city late at night so we went straight to the hotel to rest before the big day ahead, which also allowed us to miss the heat. The following morning as the sun rose, the Innovec team walked into the George R. Brown convention centre to set up for the four-day exhibition.

At the end of the fourth day, the Innovec team joined many other exhibitioners at the bar with a cocktail party where the glasses had flashing LED’s at the bottom of the glass. The drinks seemed as technologically advanced as the products on offer by the respective companies.

The ILTA was a great success for Innovec. Innovec Controls met with a large number of people world-wide and in the United States, having very healthy discussions about our key products such as the IBL Batch Controller, the IPT Printing Totalisor, and especially the IAI Additive Injection Controller alongside the IAM Injection Additive Manifold.

Information on our Additive Injection products can be found here: