Industrial storage tank

How Are Fuels Stored?

What is it?

Level alarms are found in tanks of all types but particularly in fuel storage tanks as they provide the user with a clear indication of the amount of contained material. The alarm can be triggered when either the tank is almost full or almost empty. For instance, when your car presents you with the low fuel light on the dashboard, it is triggered by a level sensor placed in the fuel tank. This is more commonly used when filling up fuel tankers to deliver petrols to service stations, so that there is no loss of product from overfilling.


How does it work?

A level sensor, such as a pressure sensor, is implemented into a tank to monitor its levels. As the material reaches a predetermined level (close to empty), an alarm is triggered therefore notify the user. When the required attention and adjustments are made the alarm may then reset and turn off, ready to be triggered again if necessary.


Innovec Systems

There are many alarm and level systems available, however at Innovec Controls we can offer a complete system for most applications, including audible and visual alarms for user convenience. Innovec provides several alarm and level solutions, including a separate float switch or level measuring system, a dual or quad set point alarm, and a signal converter or isolator. By combining some of these devices you can easily create a complete alarm and level system built with quality and reliability that you can trust at a price that you can’t resist.


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