Process Control System

Batch Control: 101

What is Batch Control?

Batch control is a crucial part of the manufacturing process where materials are blended at higher speeds for increased output. The process allows the user to dispense material into a tank with high accuracy and speed. Batch control is a commonly used practice among a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical and beverage/food processing.

How Does it Work?

An effective batching system typically requires a flowmeter, solenoid and batch controller. The flowmeter accurately measures the speed and quantity of the material being dispensed into a tank. The solenoid acts as a switch that can stop or start the flow of material, just as a tap controls the flow of water. Finally, the batch controller is the brains of the operation as it allows the user to control when and where to activate the solenoid to ensure the most accurate blend of materials required by production.

Note the IBLWP, weatherproof batch controller pictured below.

Why Innovec?

At Innovec Controls we offer a range of batch control solutions including the very popular IBL and IBS. The IBL is also implemented in our Single Head Filling Machine which is used in the production of bulk chemicals such as chlorine. 

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