About Innovec



Founder and current CEO, Rob Newman has been developing Innovec Controls since 1987 to provide Australia with local and efficient tailored solutions. The DI2 – Loop Powered display was the first instrument to bear the name Innovec Controls, one that is now synonymous with quality designs. 



QUALITY – Products built to withstand harsh environments with no variance to functionality.

RELIABILITY – Products guaranteed to run with consistency and a long lifespan.

INNOVATION – The power to create new and improved electronics that can improve production.

USER FRIENDLY – The end user can easily configure and set up the product for their application



Innovec Controls is a local business with global reach that always aims to innovate electronics with a focus on reliability and user. Since its beginning Innovec has developed a reputation for quality and now supplies instrument and LED lighting solutions to a range of industries and locations. As a long time international exporter Innovec has operated under the ISO quality system since 2008.