About Innovec

The company was established in 1987 by CEO and business owner Rob Newman in Sydney, Australia, to provide LED Safety Lighting for public transport, and process control instrumentation, including for the larger oil and chemical industry.

Innovec Controls is an Australian-based designer and manufacturer of reliable, accurate, energy efficient and cost-effective Innovec LED Safety Lighting products that are used extensively in Australia on Metro and suburban rail and tram networks, and freight rolling stock locomotives. Other major products include process control instruments, and Innovec Additive Injection Controllers that improve fuel energy efficiency.

Innovec has developed a strong reputation as a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of innovative and reliable, applications-based and user-friendly solutions for niche market segments at competitive prices, from Australia and Asia, to the UK, Scandinavia and North America.

Its main business is the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for the process control industry. Particular focus is given to tailoring solutions to efficiently respond to end-user requirements. All application specific products have been designed and produced to suit a particular client need that could not be met by products currently available on the market.

Innovec flexibility and technical strengths are maximised in various industrial niche markets with end-users in mining, transport, utilities and food processing. Innovec produces micro-controller-based instruments. This involves the design of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and a thorough knowledge of the latest developments in electronic componentry. Over the years Innovec has achieved a reputation for design excellence in its niche markets. We have operated under a quality system originally ISO 9001:2008 to currently ISO9001:2015

Product distribution is done through a combination of resellers, direct sales and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements. International sales are achieved through direct sales. All the lighting products are custom design (bespoke) tailored to suit an application.